CoolPad Note 3 Review


CoolPad Note 3 Review

Considering the amount of importance given to the mobile phones we use, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that today, anyone can get a decent smartphone in his budget. Few companies have been trying to be the best seller in the budget market. Here is a phone from CoolPad that has made a lot of people happy.


CoolPad, an old company that had stopped making phones for a while and now they are back with their Android based smartphones. I’ll be talking about the CoolPad Note 3 today.

CoolPad Note 3 First Look

A phone with decent external looks and sturdy body design, this CoolPad Note 3 comes with a 5.5 inch IPS Display which is not exactly a One Hand usage phone but not too big to be called as a Note either. As we are talking about the display, the phone comes with a 720p resolution display and this is kind of less for the prize as other phones have started providing 1080p at this price but since the phone’s display is properly optimized, you really can’t find the difference.

CoolPad Note 3 Camera Specifications

Let’s talk about the camera of the CoolPad Note 3 as this is the feature that everyone looks at first. Most, would want to buy the phone for the reason that it has a good camera. The specifications of the phone say that it has a 13MP rear and 5MP front or selfie camera. Even though it says 13MP, don’t expect it to be as good as the flagship phones but the camera is pretty good for the price.

CoolPad Note 3 Hardware

As we are done with the 2 main things that people mostly look for, let’s just see how good the phone actually is. The phone comes with a 3GB ram which sounds promising and the first impression doesn’t really show any ram management issues but I can’t say anything about it during practical usage for a time span of 2-3 weeks.

The feature of CoolPad Note 3 that attracted me to this most was the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone, adding this feature at a price range this low is a big step in itself. Don’t expect it to be as fast as the Apple’s fingerprint scanner but you can’t complain either.

Another feature or specification that actually made me read the specifications twice was the fact that this phone has an Octa-Core processor, which is 4 cores more than the laptop I’m typing this on. I mean to say that the phone is really fast and high end in terms of its RAM and Processor speeds.

Let’s get back to the fingerprint sensor, the CoolPad Note 3 allows snapping photos using the fingerprint scanner on the back on the phone. The same applies to opening apps as a lot of the apps can be encrypted to your fingerprint to increase the security features.

CoolPad Note 3 Battery Life

All this won’t be of any use if the GUI of the OS used is not friendly enough, or is really hard for a user to use and CoolPad has taken good care of that by rebuilding the whole UI for friendlier usage. This UI is optimized to increase the battery life and even if it wasn’t optimized, the battery packs 3000Mah of power, which would last for more than a day for a normal user.


Final Verdict of this discussion would be that, the CoolPad Note 3 is worth the money due to the addition of the Fingerprint Scanner but you can get better phones in case you prefer a lot more power over the newer features.


Hope the above CoolPad Note 3 review help you in getting detailed information about this newly launched Android phone and decide if it suits your requirements.

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