Lenovo ZUK Z1 Reviewed – Specifications, Features & Performance


ZUK is a Chinese internet company which was founded in the year 2015. This company has been into the business of internet and also internet of things which has a pool of about 400 innovators from various internet companies. In spite of knowing all this about the company, it still seems to judge what is the company all about? ZUK is a company backed by Lenovo, however it can function without it and can even differentiate in terms of designs, software etc. The latest venture of ZUK in the market is ZUK Z1 or Lenovo ZUK Z1.


Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review

While having a first glance at the phone it might look similar to other Chinese smart phones available in the market. This device was launched way back in September 2015; however things have changed since then especially in terms of budget and also the mid-range chipsets available for the device. But, it has more to give to its customers that can only be understood if you learn more about its specifications.

Design and Build

It was a tough fight for ZUK to meet the expectations of metal construction and also provide customers with a cheap phone. Hence in order to settle in between and give customers the taste of both the worlds, they have come up with the device in metal frame which is sandwiched with Corning Gorilla Glass screen on front and removable plastic cover on back.

This seems to be a great combination with no compromise on quality. With plastic back, it means that there is no disturbance in the working of smartphone; the radio shall only break in metal frame which has tiny slits at top and bottom of the device. The power/unlock button is on the right side, while the SIM slot rests on the left side of device.



The device supports a Full HD IPS LCD display, which is capable of producing accurate colors soothing to your eyes. The pixel density is 401PPI, which makes the text looks crispy. Images also look so sharp, and all thanks to the Cyanogen’s live display which enables user to preset the color profile and temperature manually. The advanced mode of this software also allows the user to calibrate the colors on screen.


Lenovo ZUK Z1 is based on Cyanogen OS which have been till date seen on the devices from Micromax. With this operating system, your device functions smoothly and can be customized as per the requirement of user. Everything on this device can be customized which includes changing the font, icons in the notification panel and also the toggle buttons.



The device has an older form of chipset installed i.e. Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, which has nothing to brag about. However, inside it is the latest version of chipset which has been produced by Qualcomm i.e. MSM8974PRO-AC clocked at 2.5GHz and according to ZUK is the most trustable one in the lineup of 801. It has 3GB RAM, which makes it appropriate for the users to use it for high-end gaming and applications.


The phone has a 13 MP camera which comes along with Cyanogen’s software suite. It has 5P largan lens to click stunning images which are worth enough to share with friends and family. Even the color saturations and focus feature is just spot on to meet your expectations. Thus overall it is impressive, and thanks to the optical image stabilizations which has contributed a lot.

It also boasts of a 8 MP front camera that offers you state-of-the-art selfies. The image can be clicked in both HDR and standard mode, and both of them are sharp and clear. Even with OIS, users can capture good images at night without distorting clarity of the image. Video recording is also quite smooth at 1080p however it was not able to impress the users with its slow autofocus.


Storage and connectivity

The internal storage capacity of the device is 64GB, which cannot be extended further. Various connectivity options are available in Lenovo ZUK Z1 which includes Dual SIM 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth v4.1. The device can be even connected with USB 3.0 type C port which is sufficient for supporting 5Gbps data transfer speed.


The Snapdragon 801 is performing quite well with ZUK Z1. The animations are quite smooth and also processor is capable of meeting demands of the user. Earlier even the developers were skeptical about the performance of the handset, but surprisingly it was able to function well with almost all the games and that too without any delay or hiccup.

While talking about the audio and video quality, it is loud and clear. Thus listening to music is a great experience no matter even if the audio is a bit heavy in terms of bass.



The device comes in a pack of 4100 mAh battery which scores quite well in comparison to other devices available in the market. So, you can keep using the product throughout the day without having to worry about the draining battery on your device.

What makes people love Lenovo ZUK1 Z1?

  • Great screen customization features
  • Good and long battery life
  • Well designed and built phone

What people don’t like about Lenovo ZUK1 Z1?

  • The display does not work well while making use of it in bright sunlight.
  • Non expandable memory

The Bottom Line

This amazing product is priced at Rs. 13,499 and with the kind of features available in the product, it is worth every penny. With this handset users can expect to get the best experience of all the worlds like camera, music, gaming or using high-end applications. Well, it would be interesting to see if users will find this product appropriate and at part with their expectations.

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