Panasonic DJ 1200 Headphones Reviewed


Panasonic is back with its DJ technics series of headphones and it recently launched the DJ 1200 with a pricing of Rs. 12,999. Panasonic is widely regarded as one of the best companies when it comes to audio systems like earphones and headphones. The latest release DJ 1200 is targeted highly towards people who are professionals in the music industry or DJs. Since it is a foldable headphone, they can be reversed and used for single side monitoring of sound.


Panasonic DJ 1200 Review

Although it is a higher end headphone, it comes packed with a lot of features that music enthusiasts would love. Let’s check out some of the most amazing features and qualities of the Panasonic DJ 1200 headphone to know whether it is worth your money or not.

Design and Built

If you are looking at the aesthetics and the build quality of the headphone, you would certainly not be disappointed as it is nicely designed. With a foldable design it ensures that you can easily carry it and it can also be used for freestyle monitoring. It works great even when you have to monitor sound for a single side because the headphones have a reversible housing.


The sound quality of the headphone is fantastic and people who are looking for a headphone that provides great music quality for all sorts of music, this is the best choice you can make.


The Panasonic DJ 1200 comes with neodymium magnets and has 41mm driver units. Also, it has a power of 1500mW input capacity, so you don’t have to worry about the sound quality too. The hardware is built in a way which lets a user listen to music for long hours very comfortably.

Cable Length

The cable length of the headphone is 2m and is single sided so you don’t have to face any hassles of tangling. The best part is that the 3.5mm plug is plated with 24k gold and the whole length of the wire is a copper clad aluminum wire.


This headphone can be used on any audio device which has a 3.5mm jack and it also works on 6.3mm adapters. Most of the android devices will support the headphone and all the iOS devices will have support for it as well.

Impedance and Frequency Response

Panasonic DJ 1200 headphones support a wide sensitivity range. The frequency range of the headphones can be as low as 8 Hz and as high as 30 kHz. This is surely a huge range because humans can only hear from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.


These headphones offer a superb experience be it on mobile devices or DJ systems. They offer the best sound quality and ensure that you get to hear the sound in as natural way as possible.


The price of the headphone is certainly a little high for the Indian markets at Rs. 12,999. You can purchase these headphones from all the Panasonic stores across the country. If price is no barrier to you and you just want to enjoy good music, the Panasonic DJ 1200 would be a great choice.

What is good about this headphone?

  • The headband is comfortable and offers a good support to all size of heads.
  • It has a foldable design which helps customers in carrying it easily.
  • Looks beautifully sleek and modern.
  • The headphone comes with a carry couch which is used to carry them with convenience.
  • Works great for music professionals and DJs.

What is bad about this headphone?

  • The price is quite high which might make people reconsider their options.

The Bottom Line

As we have seen these headphones are full of cool features and promise you great sound quality. If you have a budget of around 13,000 this would be a great option for you to buy. For music professionals, there is no better headphone at this price range so get your hands on it to experience some good music.

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